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Trying to decide which songs to use for the reception events such as the garter toss, wedding party introductions, the first dance and so on... is a real stumbling block for many couples. At the recent Outer Banks Wedding Association's 2011 Wedding Expo I had several lists of songs available to assist brides and grooms is picking the perfect songs for those events. They are a feature included with the song selection tools I offer . If you aren't quite that far along but would still like to see the lists then just click on the links below. These lists are compiled by a database that tracks the actual selection couples make when they are planning the music for their reception. They do change on a regular basis, but maybe not as much as you might think. The really popular songs rarely change as they continue to stand the test of time. Remember, you do not have to use any on the songs on these lists. The choice is yours. However they are great idea starters. They just may jog your memory so that you can find the perfect songs!

The Top 200 Most Requested Songs

The Top 50 Bride and Groom First Dance Songs

The Top 50 Father And Bride Dance Songs

The Top 50 Mother And Groom Dance Songs

The Top 50 Bridal Party Introduction Songs

The Top 50 Bouquet Toss Songs

The Top 50 Garter Toss Songs
The Top 50 Cake Cutting Songs

The Top 50 Introduction Songs

The following song lists will help you pick the right songs for your reception or event. If you have a wide range of ages and you are not sure what may please them then one of these lists might give you some ideas. You do not have to build a song list at all. However many couples usually pick a few tunes they and their guests want to hear. Making a list in advance insures that Moose will have ALL of the songs you want.

The Top 100 Songs from 2000-2010

The Top 100 Songs from The 1990's

The Top 100 Songs from The 1980's

The Top 100 Songs from The 1970's

The Top 100 Songs from The 1960's
OBX DJ Tools

I offer several online tools to help make your event planning easy and to leave nothing to chance. The event planners can help you create a time-line of the event to make sure all pieces fall into place just as you had envisioned. Last minute changes and adjustment are always possible, and they are much easier to handle if you have a plan beforehand. I want your event to be perfect. These planners help us achieve that.

Wedding Reception Planner

Corporate Event Planner

Party Planner (good for any party, Class Reunion, etc.)

The music selector allows you to compile a list of songs for me to play at your reception or event.
You do not have to every song but feel free to pick as many as you like. Use this tool to make sure the songs I play are the songs you want to hear. You do not have to pick all of your songs at once as the tool allows you to save your list and come back to it later. You can also print the list. While there are over 70,000 songs in the database if the song you are looking for is not here just send me a message and I'll find it for you.

OBX DJ Music Selection Tool

I also offer a tool that allows your guests to request songs for your reception or event. This will not work for everyone but may be just what you are looking for to make your party different. This tool is event specific. I will make a group name and log in and provide a link so your guests can easily log in and request their favorite songs. There is no extra charge for this service and can be activated once your deposit is received.